Savanna Pathfinder

Savanna Jammer they were eating us.

The party continued into the Forbidden Zone. June and Krem stayed on the trail while the rest of the party wandered off in search of lost items in the woods. The terrain became more and more lush and jungle like and Krem noticed vines writhing on a tree. He and June mounted Wilda and attempted to charge through the area, but became entangled in hanging constricting vines and were pulled from Wilda and force to fight. Through spear work and the channeled power of the ancient Asiba Zemen dead, they prevailed.

The two continued north on Wilda and followed a trail of destruction in the jungle that appeared to be caused by a object falling from space and encountered some strange objects. They continued to experience strange magical behavior.

The trail ended at the remains of a crashed Spelljamming vessel resembling a giant Mayfly. They chased away some saurians and encountered Neving, an elvish space explorer.

In the night there was a brutal ambush by saurians and raptors, in which Neving, unknown to the party saved the night with the entangle spell.

June prayed for guidance and received a vision of a giant man with the head of a hoofed animal dragging a large metal object from the river south, as water filled the furrow. Then a line of living villagers including the party and Neving and ancestors’ skeletons stretching from the village to the river.

June communicated with the corpse of Holidor the Navigator of the Fragoh Magicus, pronounced his words phonetically to Krem who spoke them as Neving translated magically. This was the result:

Shake the ship was laid down he was struck, living, dinosaur ate. When the dinosaur and he struck Holidar Gwin fled into the woods. New, little seems to be referred to the dinosaur, I have been able to observe the ways of the first as they were eating us.

The team ventured further into the wilds toward the source of the magical radiation, according to Neving. Neving also suspects that his friends from the Fragoh Magicus may have gone north seeking the same thing.

The group makes substantial headway, fighting some more saurians and avoiding some vines before they find a rather large village of Saurians being patrolled by troops and large dinosaurs. They get in a battle and manage to send an ankylosaurus running amok in the direction of the village and June reads the mind of one of the dead Saurians, discovering that Nevings friends were being held on an island to the north of the village to be sacrificed to God by the Saurians. June related none of this to the team, as he wanted to head back to Asiba Zemen and return the Sky Man to Grovin. They do get back, and are surprised to find the village intact and not ravaged by roaming barbarians.
The hatch, the glass, the pole, the swords, the heads and the man.

Into the Forbidden Zone!

Grovin, the Head Oracle of the village summoned Barra, Krem Plowbreaker, Rorge, Brann and his son and oracle in training June to his tent. The village is desperate for water, as the rainy season has not yet come. Water supplies are drying up, and this is causing tension between your tribe of Asiba Zemen and the rivals YYY to the west. In order to avoid an all out war, the Grovin asks the party to venture north, into the area along the great river known as the Forbidden Zone since the Weeping of the Gods.
Groven saw a light fall from the sky the previous night and as he slept he had a vision of a powerful change in the energy of the Savanna. A powerful new presence suggests a new life that could be offered to the gods to show them that Asiba Zemen is worthy of another rain season and water for their crops.
While Grovin made it clear that he prefers to avoid a bloody war with the Nekampte, lest the Goblin-kind in the canyon to the East exploit the conflict. Brann suggests a crushing, driving and listening approach and received an approving nod from the head of the Hunters Morok.
Grovin gave the group a sheet of Wildebeest hide with a blood map to the source of the energy source.
The group received 7 days of water for the journey to the Forbidden Zone, Barra gave a days ration to his family before the group left under the cover of a magical darkness to avoid the eyes of Nekampte spies.
Brann’s sharp half-orcish eyes spotted vultures circling in the distance during the first day of travel, and Barra spoke with some nearby birds to investigate. A group of Goblin-kind were eating a wildebeest.
The group set up camp for the night, and chose their spot well enough to avoid the eyes of a group of Hobgoblins as they passed on an unknown mission.
Another day of travel found the group on the edge of the Forbidden Zone, the older members of the party found more vegetation than they remembered from the days before the Weeping of the Gods, they now found small shrubs, vines and larger trees.
Again, an expertly chosen campsite allowed the party to avoid an encounter with a group of vicious looking dinosaurs.


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