Human inquisitor


Rorge travels the savannah, seeking out abominations and impurities, and helping the various settlements cleanse themselves of such things. He is often tasked with helping to avert disastrous possible futures as forseen by village oracles. He has made it his life’s work to determine why the gods have cursed the people of the savannah. He was 17, a man grown, at the time of the Weeping of the Gods, and time has only served to amplify his bitterness over losing the easy life that he had then. So, he looks to the gods to help him sort out the pious from the impious, and remove the blights that have tainted his land. He has been at this work for a decade now, with no discernible result. He is relatively long-lived, at the ripe old age of 27, and has gained some respect due to his longevity and fervor.

He wears a totemic necklace and carries other charms that he believes protect him from harm at the hands of the ungodly. Many of these items are trophies from non-believers that he has purged. He fights primarily with longbow and cudgel, relying on divine guidance to bolster his strength.



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