Militaristic Half-orc Barbarian


Brann is a 16 year-old half-orc barbarian. He’s from the same tribe as the others, which absorbed the now mostly-forgotten half-orc tribe decades ago. Growing up as one of the few half-orcs, he was constantly taunted as a child, and he began to revere strength, and has learned not to fear taking a beating. He wants his tribe to be the strongest, and feels that the best way of doing this is by annihilating all of the other tribes and stealing their tools and farming techniques. He is a strong advocate for attacking first, and feels that negotiation and diplomacy leads to defeat.

He is large and muscular, and tends to wear tools taken from his enemies as proof of his exploits. He fights with a massive obsidian falchion, a particularly vicious weapon that damages even Brann when he wields it. He is cunning enough to realize some tactics, however, and has a number of javelins which he also uses to great effect should the situation arise. He’s recently taken to wearing a pair of shortswords made out of some peculiar material that he took from the skyhouse, and Neving’s companions. He doesn’t use them, but they are a testament to his martial prowess.



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